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I have a tattoo of a whale on my lower back.

So naturally I was interested when I learned that one of the upcoming spoonflower design contests is a whale theme.

I drew some pink whales. And played around with some abstract photos of soap bubbles.

And this: pano

Plus this: 002

Plus some fiddling with the spoonflower color editor (because the contest included a restriction to a specific palette of five colors)

Became this: 2962417_rrrrpano_ed

I think they’re cute. ūüôā I have no delusions of winning the contest in competition with professional graphic designers with access to photoshop, etc. But I like to enter the spoonflower design contests because it’s a spur to creative exercise. I wouldn’t have spent part of my day off drawing pink whales otherwise and I rather enjoyed myself.

Here’s the link to the fabric page: http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/2962417


Small gift

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One of my coworkers saw my knitted cellphone pouch and asked, “Where do you get a glasses case like that?”

So I answered, “Well, if you’re me, you make one.”

“But I don’t knit,” she said.

“I would love to make you one as a gift.”

“Ok, but I want to pay you for it.”

“No, I won’t let you pay. It’s a birthday present.”

(It really was her birthday when this conversation happened!)

Here’s the pouch that I brought to her the next day:


Made with handspun pink wool yarn plus black acrylic yarn (what I happened to have on hand in my work bag and my locker when I started knitting). Plus a glass button I selected from my giant bin o’buttons to match.

I think she liked it!

Two Shawls

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It has been a very cold winter here in Vermont and I am feeling pretty ready for it to be over! But at least I can make warm knitted garments to make the cold a little more bearable. Here are two shawls that I finished recently. They’re both made from old sweaters that I unraveled.

044 047

The first one is a VERY old ufo that I finally finished. Amazing! I think I originally started it seven years ago, maybe even closer to eight. I have always loved the yarn, it has an interesting thick and thin texture with little slubs here and there. It started out all a sort of muted red and I over-dyed sections of it each a different color. The reasons it took me so long to finish the darn thing are: A) The yarn is thin and there was a lot of it, so knitting it was slow going compared to the chunky yarn that I use a lot of the time and B) I wasn’t thinking when I started the project and I just started knitting in garter stitch, which I do like the look of, but it is really monotonous. So I got bored and stuffed the project away in storage. But now it is rediscovered and FINISHED! Yay! And I am really happy with the completed product. It is huge and the colors are lovely. I even bought a shawl pin to wear it with. I’ve never had a shawl pin before.

Shawl number two, the pink and black one, doesn’t have nearly as long a history. Well, the yarn might have some history, I don’t remember when I acquired it, just that it was from an unraveled sweater. It’s honestly a little strange to me that I had this yarn in my stash because I really don’t like that shade of pink. But it is a nice soft cotton, at least, which is why I selected it to make a wrap with. This project had one single purpose: to be something easy to knit while I am at work answering phones. I picked out this pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sueno-lace-wrap because it is pretty but also really simple. You only have to count to three, and there are only two different rows to repeat, just the pattern row and then a purl row. Super simple. Even so, I did mess up a little on the first inch or so because I misread the instructions but I just kept on going and the mistake isn’t very noticeable. I would have liked to make it a little longer, but I ran out of yarn, so that was that. But it turned out to be just the right size to drape over your shoulders and I added a button to hold it in place.

Here’s my chair modeling it for us:


This will be the first project to test my new policy of rehoming orphan finished projects to whoever on my facebook feed wants them, as discussed in my previous post. I am sure that there are plenty of folks who do like that shade of pink, so I am hopeful that it will find a happy home. And if none of my friends are interested, I will donate it somewhere. So, happy ending either way.

And here’s another picture of the first shawl so you can see the yarn close up.



new years (ish) resolution: write in blog more often

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Here’s something I just made with some of my spoonflower fabric! I got this sweatshirt at Goodwill a few days ago.¬† It’s big and warm and comfy, but it had a stain right in the middle of it.¬† So, I made a little quilted octagon patch thingy and sewed it on!¬† The bright pink of this fabric is a great contrast with the black sweatshirt.

003 004

I have been sewing a lot lately.¬† Mostly little lined zipper pouches.¬† I’ll post some pictures of those soon.

Sisterhood of Rutland Jewish Center Annual Fall Rummage Sale

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One of my contacts on Ravelry, Janro, is a master of freeform crochet, also known as scrumbling.  Recently, I was admiring one of her projects, a travel case decorated in many shades of pink.  I commented to her how much I liked the case and she responded by encouraging me to make one, too.

Here is Janro’s pink travel case:

beautiful pink travel case

Janro said that all you have to do is find a suitable case at a thrift store or a yardsale or something, and then go happy with the crochet hook.  I do love to play with yarn!

Yesterday, fate was with me.¬† I found this lovely little round suitcase for $2 at the Sisterhood of Rutland Jewish Center Annual Fall Rummage Sale.¬† (I am typing out the entire title of the rummage sale because it sounds so elegant–“sisterhood,” “annual,” etc.)

round suitcase

I think I’ll start by using the little blob I crocheted while I was sitting in one of the Adirondack chairs outside the library waiting for S to pick me up.¬† It’s a pretty color of blue/green wool, which I think would go nicely with the blue/gray of the suitcase.

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