Another neat-o way to keep your yarn under control

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I just remembered that I have this pattern in my ravelry queue, and I thought I would post a link to it here as a follow-up to yesterday’s post about yarn bowls.  This is a little bag that hangs from your wrist while you knit, so your ball of yarn is right there with you, and you can even walk around with your knitting!  I think it looks like it would work best with a yarn cake rather than a yarn ball, because a ball might have trouble moving around in there unless it was little.  But I like the ultimate portability of this.  Check it out!


amusing pattern

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This looks fun and silly, and I’m going to add it to my ravelry queue:

Crazy poking stick!

finally to find a home

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Do you remember the voodoo doll?  I thought my buddy in ravelry would never get to have her package with the doll and a purse I made her and some yarn.  But she finally emailed me on ravelry yesterday.  Yay!

Also I made another sort of voodoo-looking fellow.  I just finished him this morning.  He’s for sale on etsy.

spring 09 262

Voodoo doll finished, wants her new home!

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voodoo doll

I finally finished my voodoo doll for the ravelry swap I was doing back in October.  I feel really bad that it has taken me so long to finally give it eyes and arms and other such finishing touches.  My swap buddy emailed me right before christmas to ask me if I was ever going to send it.  I was supposed to have it to her by halloween!  And now it’s mid-January!  But she has been moving recently, or at least she was when the swap started, so I wanted to make sure I had her address right before I mailed her package.  So I emailed her on ravelry a few days ago when I finished the doll, and she hasn’t written back yet.  So now I feel even worse.  What if she doesn’t have a computer at the moment or something?  Maybe she’s (justifiably) given up on me.  I made her a lovely pink t-shirt purse and some orange yarn, too.  Das-screibtenkaft, if you’re reading this–please forgive me for being so late!  And please respond to my email on ravelry about your address!

swaps are so much fun

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I love ravelry. I love, especially, the Silly String group where I get to participate in all kinds of awesome crochet swaps. Here are two fabulous things I got in the mail recently. One is a voodoo doll made from barbie parts, and the other is a winged and many-legged fairy named Jewellie. They’re sitting on top of S’s piano with some crayons and a penguin and kermit the frog.


Also, Laughing Purple, who made Jewellie, also sent me a little cake of scrap yarn, which I’m thrilled about. Thrilled! I love scrap yarn, and this will be gleefully incorporated into my current scrap blanket, the knit version. Scrap blanket number three. And I’m actually wrapped up in scrap blanket 2 right now. Happy times!

crazy yarn

I feel special.

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Why do I feel special, you ask?  Because I got to participate in one of the coolest crochet swap events ever, over on Ravelry.  In the “uncommon crochet” group, a genius crocheting peer came up with the idea of making drawings of fantasy creatures, then exchanging these drawings and crocheting a creature based on the picture, then sending the finished object back to the person who’d made the original sketch.  I had fun with this for ever so many reasons–it was creative, it was quirky, it was international (I sent my monster to Australia, and got mine from the UK).  Every step of the process was enjoyable, too.  I like to doodle, I like to look at other people’s drawings, of course I like to crochet, and I like to give and receive gifts.

So, wouldn’t you like to see some pictures?

1. my drawing:

doodles for the crochet exchange

2.  the adorable friend that RunnyCustard made for me:

looking out the window

3.  LaughingPurple’s drawings that I got to play with:


4.  and finally, my crocheted creation for LaughingPurple:

dragonfly creature

Sisterhood of Rutland Jewish Center Annual Fall Rummage Sale

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One of my contacts on Ravelry, Janro, is a master of freeform crochet, also known as scrumbling.  Recently, I was admiring one of her projects, a travel case decorated in many shades of pink.  I commented to her how much I liked the case and she responded by encouraging me to make one, too.

Here is Janro’s pink travel case:

beautiful pink travel case

Janro said that all you have to do is find a suitable case at a thrift store or a yardsale or something, and then go happy with the crochet hook.  I do love to play with yarn!

Yesterday, fate was with me.  I found this lovely little round suitcase for $2 at the Sisterhood of Rutland Jewish Center Annual Fall Rummage Sale.  (I am typing out the entire title of the rummage sale because it sounds so elegant–“sisterhood,” “annual,” etc.)

round suitcase

I think I’ll start by using the little blob I crocheted while I was sitting in one of the Adirondack chairs outside the library waiting for S to pick me up.  It’s a pretty color of blue/green wool, which I think would go nicely with the blue/gray of the suitcase.

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