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Question: Can I take a men’s sweater and alter it to fit me better? I do sometimes buy men’s sweaters specifically to have something big and shapeless and cozy to wear. But today I found this sweater at the salvation army and it just won’t work for me unless I make some changes. I love the colors, but the neck is too stiff and tight, and the torso is way too long. It fits, but is neither comfortable or flattering.


Plan of action: First remove ribbed collar and re-knit to be looser, probably in a cowl style. Next, remove ribbed part at the bottom of the sweater, and maybe also the blue stripe above it. Maybe do the same to sleeves?

Stay tuned to see the finished result!

And if I don’t like how it turns out, I’ll just unravel the entire thing and re-use the yarn.



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I’ve been making cozies!  Also known as thingies to protect your hands from hot coffee cups.  Cup sleeves.  Or whatever you want to call them.  But cozies sounds, well, cozy- -so that’s what I’m calling them here.

I cut four tubes from the sleeve of a felted sweater.  Then I embroidered them.

One for S’s mason jar from which she likes to drink her tea.  One with a tree on it for K because he’s a mountain man.  He’s the one that gave me the idea to make these.  And then one with a green diamond, and one with a spiral.  They’ll probably end up on etsy.

The spiral one isn’t finished yet, so I don’t have a picture, but here are the other three:

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