Another UFO completed

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All this soft little scarf that S made needed was to have its ends tucked in and a button sewn on, but it was sitting in a drawer for a long time waiting for that finishing touch.  It took me about 5 minutes to finish it off.  Maybe even less than that.  The longest part was choosing the right button.  And now it’s done, and up for sale on etsy!  It’s S’s third item up there, out of 60.  The rest I made.  Cuz I’m sort of always making things, addictively…


I have to take a break from the UFOs for a little while now, though, because I have some custom orders to turn my attention to.  S’s sister wants a goat for one of her friends’ babies, and the person who bought Mim the Magical Space Ermine wants a mate for her.  Isn’t that exciting?  I feel really flattered and warm-fuzzy-ized.


Used to be a favorite sweater

September 2, 2009 at 7:36 am | Posted in projects | 1 Comment
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This was a cozy wool sweater with thin stripes of autumnal colors.  It was soft, and a little too big for me, and I really liked to cuddle up in it.

But then it started getting holes.

So I unraveled it.

That was quite a while ago, and the yarn has been sitting in my stash since then.  I’ve used it in a couple of projects, but nothing large or exciting.

Then I made this scarf.  Just finished it.  And it is exciting, and captures the lost coziness of that sweater.  It’s all rustic, with little strings hanging off, just the way I like it.

summer 09 226summer 09 227


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I have had such great enjoyment from this bag of seqins lately that I even posted about it in my facebook status.  🙂

stuff 191

Here’s what I made, and there’s still a ton of sequins left in the bag!

summer 09 061

It’s a scarf.  With sequins all over the ends.  I had to use a teeny little crochet hook to add the sequins, and I don’t usually like using teeny crochet hooks, but the sparkle was worth it!

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