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After an extensive search of the Ravelry pattern database, I found two scarf patterns that I like and that I think are similar to the lace of Mrs. Bale’s sweater. So I am making one of each!

Mrs. Bale #1 is from this pattern (with a few modifications): http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/best-friend-scarf. I am using some bright golden yellow linen thread that I got for Christmas.

knittin and sewin 015

Mrs. Bale #2 is from this pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/manchester-scarf. I am knitting it with a collection of wool scraps that I had been saving to dye, but S saw them together and said she liked the colors, so I said I would make her a big fat scarf for next winter.


knittin and sewin 011

The second pattern is shaping up to be a little more similar to the inspiring sweater, but I am happy with both of them and I can’t wait to see them when they’re all finished and blocked.

Also here are some gratuitous pictures of two zipper pouches I made recently. The lawnmower one I made for my dad’s birthday and the triangular one is completely pointless. I just wanted to use that fabric and zipper, but I didn’t plan ahead before I started sewing it, so it turned out rather imperfect. And also, what do you put into a triangular pouch?

knittin and sewin 001knittin and sewin 004knittin and sewin 002

knittin and sewin 006knittin and sewin 005



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I realized that I’ve been making a lot of scarves lately, and I was thinking about why I’m so frequently drawn to that particular purpose for a skein of yarn.  They’re easy, and quick, and useful–all reasons that I’m sure are part of my decision process.  But I also really really like to see how a variegated skein of yarn is going to play out as it’s knitted or crocheted into a shape.  And scarves are a nice flat surface, so they don’t distract from the colors and patterns of the yarn.  They’re a perfect showpiece for the artistry of a handspun or hand-dyed skein.

Now I just need to work on my spinning skills.

don’t let go of the beloved

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S and I have this lovely, comfy cotton skirt with giraffes all over it that we’ve had for, literally, years.  It is soft, and it is happy to wear because it’s covered with giraffes, and it feels good swirling around your legs.  But, alas, like all beloved clothing, it is beginning to wear out.  There are little tears and fraying bits, and the other day at work I had to cut a chunk off the bottom of the skirt where it had ripped because it was hanging down and tripping me.

So I am going to cut the skirt into strips and knit it into a scarf.  And it will be soft and happy.  And it will be a keepsake.  The giraffes will be nothing more than white flecks on the black background, but their spirits will still be present.


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