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I’ve been on a spree of unraveling sweaters recently.  When you unravel sweaters, you get a lot of lovely useable yarn for knitting and crocheting with, but you also get a bunch of little scraps of thread from picking apart where the sections were held together.  I felt bad throwing all that away.  Which may be a little obessive of me.  But I’ve started saving it in a little ziplock baggie in my yarn yarn yarn bag.  And when I get enough, after the destruction of many sweaters, I am going to use it as stuffing for something.


Sir Scrapghan the Third

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If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I have an ongoing project in which I save all my scraps of yarn in a huge ball, and then crochet afghans with them, and that I recently finished my second of these afghans.  Now that I’ve started to save up for my third, I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach.  I’ve cast on a double strand of scrap yarn on a large circular knitting needle, and I’m going to knit in each scrap as I acquire it.  It’ll take a long time to complete a blanket this way, but then again the other way took a long time, too.  And I like the idea of doing a knitted version.

I think I would be happy if I could spend the rest of my life knitting and crocheting blankets and curling up under them all one by one.

My Epic Scrap Ball of Love is getting really out of hand

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I’ve had a little project for a long time where I save every little scrap of yarn I come across and tie them all into a big ball.  Then, when the ball gets large enough, I make an epic scrap blanket.  I’ve done this once, and I’ve been saving up a second ball for a while now.  And, people, it’s time to start another blanket, because this yarn ball is massive!  Can you palm a basketball?  Well, my yarn isn’t the size of a basketball, but I find it difficult to pick up the ball with one hand. 

holding on 

The problem is that I already have three other blankets that I’m working on, two knit and one crochet.  Wait, is that a problem?  I’m not sure.  I might just go ahead and start this blanket, too.  I think I’ll go for a crochet ripple.

my previous scrap blanket:

 crochet afghan

And my lovely yarn ball.  How I love it!

hugging my yarn

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