destruction guilt and creation pleasure

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I bought a red sweater at a thrift store yesterday, thinking that I was going to wear it, but I didn’t have time to try it on before the store closed.  And then when I tried it on at home, S laughed at me because it looked so silly.  The sleeves were strangely puffy, and the torso was way too short.  So now it’s in the unraveling pile, but I feel bad about that because it’s obvious that the sweater was handmade.  A handmade sweater is much harder to justify unraveling because you know there was an actual person behind its creation, not just a machine.  It’s a unique item that someone put loads and loads of time into.  Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anyone who could wear this particular sweater without looking absurd.

Alas!  I will try to be respectful in my destruction and create something lovely with the yarn.

And here is something I mentioned a few posts ago, a silk necktie bracelet with wire and beads added to it:

(I photographed it on top of the red sweater!)

bracelet on red knitting


I’ve been sewing! Whee!

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The sewing machine sat in its box for too long.  So we got it out and put it on its little table.  And, oh, it feels good to be using it again.  How could I forget how much I enjoy sewing things?

Tonight I put a patch on a pair of S’s pants, and then I didn’t want to stop, so I made a little brown drawstring bag.  And then I made a bright red lavender sachet.

A few days ago I was making things out of old silk neckties.  I dismantled four of them and used the fabric with some other silks that I had and I made three flax eye pillows.  I was only going to make one, for a friend’s birthday, but then I made a couple more for me and S.  We already have a lot of eye pillows, but they often fall under the bed and it’s nice to have an extra one to grab when you need it.  Plus the two I made are a little bigger than the ones we already had.  I like the big ones because they block the light out better.

I also made a headscarf/tie/headband/thingy for my sister for her birthday out of two of the neckties.  I hope she likes it!  It matches the earrings that I’m also giving her.  🙂

Anyway, here’s my happy little sewing nook:

more crafties 028

And here’s a bracelet I knitted with some of the scraps of necktie silk:

more crafties 056

I listed that bracelet on etsy (click picture to go there) and now I’m working on another one with orange and green silk scraps.  I am thinking of incorporating wire into the second one somehow, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet.


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Here’s the completed shawl wrapped around my mama. I’m quite happy with its finished beauty. The squiggle down the middle is a row of single crochet–my clever plan to add structure and decoration at the same time, so that no hands or arms will be eaten by humongous holes.

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