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Here is the rather silly hat I made that I wrote about in the last post.  It has lots of colors!  It is fun and crazy!  The fabric I used was all leftover pieces from the two zipper pouches that I made for my sister while she was visiting me, so I wanted to give it to her even though I knew she would probably never wear it.  Sort of a joke gift, I guess.  But it was great to have those fabric scraps because it gave me something to practice the hat pattern with without feeling too perfectionistic about it.

My family was all together for Easter weekend, so I had the opportunity to take pictures of my sis wearing the hat.

003 004

You can see she is giggling because she has a silly bright-colored hat on her head.

She actually does wear hats a lot, and owns quite a few of them because she is really sensitive to sunlight and needs to keep covered up when she goes outside.  But she prefers hats that are just one color instead of several colors with polka dots and flowers and more polka dots.

So I will probably make her a more sensible one eventually.  I also need to find something to stiffen the brim a little next time.


This is your regularly scheduled scrapghan update

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I finally got around to cropping these pictures.

Number one, a graduation present for my youngest sister, A.  She’s going to college next year, gotta have a cozy scrapghan to bring along.  This one is a giant granny square with two strands of scrap yarn throughout.

Number two, a knitted version with THREE strands of scrap yarn held together.  I’ve been wanting to try it with three strands for a while, and I think this turned out pretty awesome.  I tried for a gradual shift between the colors.  Sort of a rainbow effect.  This one went home with my oldest sister, C.  She already had some of my afghan creations, but she had reported to me that her roommates have apparently been stealing them.  So I figured she could use another one.  Here she is modeling it!

S’s beautiful blanket

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S has been crocheting a blanket for her sister, and she just finished it!  I really love the colors she picked out–they’re so rich and vibrant.  I turned out really beautiful.  Here she is posing with it:

I hope her sister will love it.  I’m sure she will.  All that love crocheted into every stitch.  That’s the perfect thing to cuddle with when you’re feeling chilly and perhaps a little sad.  Nothing like bright colors and sisterly care to keep you warm!

art for an empty wall

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I have two empty picture frames sitting on my table.  I bought them at a thrift store earlier this week.  They’re waiting to be filled with some beautiful new art, and then to be mailed to my sister, who has empty walls in her new apartment.  One frame for me to fill, and one frame for S to fill.  I’m feeling in the mood for collage right now, I think.  I may have to get those magazines back out of the recycle bin.


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Two of my sisters were visiting recently, and while we were hanging out in the living room, one of them picked up some stray yarn and a crochet hook and started making something.  She didn’t have time to finish it before she left though, so she bequeathed it to me with instructions to finish it and mail it to the other sister.  But she wouldn’t tell me what she was making, so I had to decide how to complete it myself!

A crochet dish shape became: a jellyfish-like creature–
jellyfish crochet creature

The fun part is, the sister who started the project said she had been thinking of a jellyfish!

Now I just have to get it in the mail to the other sister.  Maybe I’ll make it to the post office tomorrow.


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