S’s beautiful blanket

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S has been crocheting a blanket for her sister, and she just finished it!  I really love the colors she picked out–they’re so rich and vibrant.  I turned out really beautiful.  Here she is posing with it:

I hope her sister will love it.  I’m sure she will.  All that love crocheted into every stitch.  That’s the perfect thing to cuddle with when you’re feeling chilly and perhaps a little sad.  Nothing like bright colors and sisterly care to keep you warm!


a striped blanket

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I started making this blanket, but then I got bored of it, so then S took over.  It’s a cooperative effort!  And the animals seem to rather like it.

Here’s a picture of just the blanket.

The green yarn in every other stripe is the last of a humongous cone of chenille that I got from freecycle when we were living in Atlanta.  I already made another afghan with the same yarn.  That’s a lot of yarn!


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It’s such a good feeling when you finish a craft project and spread it out to look at it and you realize that you’re in love with what you’ve made.

I recently finished my third scrap yarn blanket. This was the knitted version–the last two were crocheted. It took me about a year to make, working on it off and on. That’s a long time! But omg do I love how it turned out. I was so happy that I took about a million pictures.  As usual, the cats helped me out with my photo shoot.

scrapghan 1scrapghan 2scrapghan 3scrapghan 4scrapghan 5scrapghan 6scrapghan 7

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