I haven’t posted in a while!

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Here is a really pretty hat that S made:

I dyed the purple yarn.  I love it when S makes stuff with the yarn I’ve created.  It’s really neat to see it take form.

Also, I really really really want these:


Edited to add:  Apparently I am really infatuated with the word “really” this evening.



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I colored all over my styrofoam head with sharpies the other night.  I guess I’ll have to buy another one if I want a decoupaged head.

putting my head to work

November 8, 2009 at 12:31 pm | Posted in craft tools, selling | Leave a comment
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I still haven’t got around to decorating my styrofoam head, but I went ahead and used it to display a hat for picture-taking the other day.  It worked great!


Also, Sallie and I went to a thrift store yesterday and I noticed that they had quite a few styrofoam heads with hats on them.  And someone had drawn faces in marker on a few of them.  Which looked kinda silly, but also cute.  I’m half tempted to do that with mine, but I think paper mache will probably look a lot better.  Although… well, the head was only a couple of dollars.  And the store had a whole mountain of them.  I could buy another one…

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