good luck at goodwill

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Today at Goodwill I found a giant bag of yarn for $4.99!


It looked like an afghan waiting to happen, all color coordinated and everything. I was sorting through it this evening with one of my cats on my lap, and I realized that the color scheme was almost the same as her coloring. She’s more orange + black + white, not yellow + black + white. But still, this looks like a calico-kitty collection of yarn.

Memphis the one-eyed wondercat:


(That’s the only picture I have of her on this computer–I wanted to post a picture of her face, but I am too lazy to get up and take one right now)

Anyway, I sorted through the bag of yarn. It is mostly worsted weight. There were a few sport weight skeins that I separated out, plus one skein of weird chenille stuff, plus one ball of thicker sort of rough yarn, almost like twine. Not sure what I am going to do with that, but I decided to keep it. I also kept one skein of black sport weight. The rest of the sport weight and the weird chenille went into my tote bag that I always bring to work. I have a few co-workers who are knitters and crocheters, so I will offer it to them and if no one at work wants it, I’ll just re-donate it to Goodwill.

After sorting, I was left with still a rather large amount of worsted weight acrylic yarns in gold, black, white, and cream. Like I said, it’s just begging to be made into an afghan. Plus I have this nifty wooden crochet hook that my mom de-stashed to me that I’ve been wanting to use just because it’s wood and is very pleasing to hold. I know that I am already in the middle of many other projects. I have three unfinished afghans already. But I couldn’t help myself and I started crocheting. Do you think I have craft ADD maybe?

I will finish most of my projects that I start. Eventually.

And here is a picture of one of the skeins of yarn that had a silly little rhyme on its label. I have never encountered poetic yarn before!



art-cycle treasures

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Today at Recycle North (or the ReStore, as it’s now called–I’m not used to that yet), I collected someone else’s scrap yarn ball.  This is a super duper awesome sauce exciting find for me!  What mysteries does it hold in its middle?  I am getting very close to being ready to make another scrap blanket, and this ball of random yarns makes me even more eager.  I am trying to make myself wait until I’ve cleared out some more unfinished projects.  I may not be able to wait much longer!

I almost forgot!

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I just posted about sequins and I forgot to add the other exciting thing that happened yesterday–I found a huge cone of handspun wool yarn for $3 at a thrift store.  I haven’t dyed yarn in a long time and I’m thrilled to get started again.  Yay!

through the viewfinder

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I’ve learned a new photo technique!  It’s a way to make your digital photos look all old and blurred, and all you have to do it get an old camera, and then hold your digital camera up to the viewfinder of the old camera and snap away.  I think that old photos have quite an aura of romance to them with their strange distortions and soft focus, so I’ve been enjoying creating that look so easily with my own photos.  And it doesn’t even take any kind of fancy computer program.  The only thing I really needed to do once I uploaded my photos was to crop away all the extraneous blackness from the edges.  The hardest part was trying to line up the two cameras and hold them together long enough to get a good picture.


So, yeah, today was a really good day of thrift shopping.  I got this old camera for a dollar to try the viewfinder thing with.  I got some shirts for myself and some other ones to cut up for a project I’m thinking about doing.  I got some books.  I got a cute little doll that someone hand sewed.  I felt sorry for her being abandoned in the box of worn-out stuffed animals after someone had put all that work into stitching her together and knitting her a little dress, so I rescued her and now she’s resting on the guest bed.  And I got a whole bundle of knitting needles for only a dollar and fifty cents!

Here are the knitting needles photographed with through-the-viewfinder love, plus a few other TtV images I made this afternoon:

 knit and crochet

the roof of the school across the street from where I live:
archaic dish

some red fluff on my carpet:
carpet with bits of red fluff

and the doll I rescued:

faded doll

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