Why is my knitting bag so heavy?

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So, I was putting away some stuff from my recent lake-side vacation with my family, and I picked up a bag of knitting so I could put the extra yarn back in the yarn drawer.  And the bag was really heavy!  Woops, I forgot it was full of rocks, too!

Here’s a picture of a bunch of fossils and other cool rocks I collected, on top of an almost-finished brightly-colored scrap yarn shawl I was working on while on vacation. Enjoy!


I can’t sleep.

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So I’m going to post a picture of some sticks my sisters and I made while we were on vacation.  We sanded them all smooth and then oiled them.  It was very satisfying.  They’re nice to hold and to run your fingers over.

Vacation crafting

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I was on vacation with my family recently, and I haven’t really returned to any pattern of blogging yet, even though I’ve been back for a week and a half now.  I have to build up a habit of regularity again.  And I certainly do have some interesting projects that I’d like to share with the world!

To start, here are a couple of things I made while I was on vacation: a tadpole and a pouch.


Also, I adore button jars.

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