Pirate Yarn Bowl

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I just added this to my favorites.  Yarrrrrrrrn!!!  I love pirates.  In fact, I’m in the middle of reading this book right now.  So obviously I fell immediately in love with this yarn bowl.  Love at first sight, me mateys! Yo ho ho!

Click picture to go to etsy listing because you’re going to buy it for me, right?

On a totally unrelated note, I also found out tonight that there is a kind of snail called the Assassin Snail, and they eat other types of snails.  Fascinating!  People apparently make use of them in aquariums when they have an overpopulation of snails eating their plants.  I don’t have an aquarium, and I don’t have any plans to get one any time soon, but I like learning about interesting creatures anyway.  Actually, maybe these guys aren’t totally unrelated to the idea of pirates.  They live in the water and they make their living by attacking other snail shells.  A shell is sort of like a ship.  Yarrr!


my etsy wishlist

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Yarn Bowls

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I think I knew that these existed, but I hadn’t really thought about how awesome they are until I stumbled across one on etsy the other day.  So, just now I’ve been searching etsy and adding a few to my favorites.

Such an elegant way for keeping your yarn from rolling around!

With four cats and two dogs, our floor is inevitably hairy.  It’s really frustrating when my ball of yarn gets away from me and then comes back covered in fluff.  Usually I try to keep in-use yarn down inside my knitting bag to keep it clean, but that can get a bit tangly.

I especially like this one with its leafy pattern, from etsy seller claycrazypottery.  Click picture for etsy listing.

Yeah, so I am definitely adding yarn bowls to my wish list.  In the mean time, I am pretty sure that I have a metal canister with a hole in the lid designed for the same purpose.  It was a gift from a family member, I think, and I remember that I thought it was pretty nifty when I opened it, and then I never actually tried it out.  For shame!  So I should find that and give it a whirl.  I prefer the aesthetics of pottery, but you use what you have, right?  Right.

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