a jar of yarn

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I found a jar at goodwill and I am filling it with scrap yarn.  It looks so pretty!  Thanks to LH for the idea.


pictures from my visit to new york city (and WEBS)

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First, this is my friend L’s yarn stash.  I just love how this looks, all arranged in bowls like a buffet of really delicious foods.  I could never get away with this sort of display in my own house.  The cats would knock everything all over the place and get it really hairy.  I have to keep my yarn sealed off from the world and hidden away!  L has more yarn than this, but the bowls are the highlight of her living room.  Fabulous!  I do want to copy her pretty glass jar full of scrap yarns, if I can find a good jar.  I almost bought a gigantic one with a glass peanut on the top of it at a flea market, but I decided it was too expensive.  Maybe I can find a good one at Recycle North (or ReSource or whatever it’s called now).

Next up, here is some very impressive sewing that L did.  This is a case for her DPNs, complete with little number labels to keep the sizes organized.  She said it took a really long time to make this, and I am not surprised to hear that!  I do not possess the patience required to sew something like this.


A close-up of the button.

Some pretty vintage thread on wooden spools.

We spent a lot of time sitting in the living room next to L’s yarn stash, knitting.  But we also took a day trip to WEBS in Northampton, MA.  I didn’t take any pictures inside the store because I was too busy frolicking amongst the yarn.  I spent a lot of money there!  I got a birthday present for my mom, lots of cotton yarns for S to use in the baby blanket she’s making, a book with patterns for knitting dinosaurs, and some yarn for myself, of course.  The whole visit with L was good, but I think the expedition to WEBS might be the highlight.  “America’s Yarn Store.”


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I’ve heard people say that pooling of colors is one of the reasons that they dislike using variegated yarns, but that’s actually one of my favorite things about variegation, and why I have a strong tendency to pick a multicolored yarn over a single color.

If you haven’t heard the term before, “pooling” refers to the tendency of variegated yarns to form blotches of color or strange patterns when they’re knitted up into a finished garment.  Pooling usually happens when the item you’re knitting or crocheting doesn’t have the same number of stitches in every row.  Something large, like a sweater, would be quite likely to have pooling of colors.  I guess some people prefer even stripes, or a more blended look without any large patches of color.

The reason I like it when my variegated yarns make odd patterns is that I enjoy the unpredictability.  What are the colors going to do next?  This is one of the reasons that I sometimes have trouble putting my knitting down and going to bed.  I want to see how the next row will look, and the next row, and the next row.

Right now I am knitting a shawl with some green and white yarn that I reclaimed from a sweater.  The sweater had two strands of yarn, the one I am using now, plus a dark blue strand.  The variegated yarn was sort of hidden behind the other yarn.  You could see that it was multi-colored, but the sweater was definitely dominated by the dark blue color and not by the greens.  Now I have separated it out, it’s as if I have freed the colors.  It’s actually a really pretty yarn by itself, and I am enjoying creating this shawl and letting those colors play.  I’ve got some stripes and I’ve got some blendy bits and I’ve got some blotches and I love it all.

What am I working on right now?

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I am knitting myself a hat!  Now, I already have a drawer full of knit and crochet hats at home, and many of them are ones that I made for myself before.  But sometimes you just need a change, or a little something new.  That drawer is due for a purge.  And I got this lovely and interesting yarn for Christmas.  My dad ordered it for me from this etsy shop.  It’s just the kind of self-striping hand-spun yumminess that makes a perfect knit hat.  And since the yarn was my gift, the hat is going to be for me too.  I have declared it!

Here’s a picture of the yarn from its etsy listing:

I’m hoping that I can finish the hat tonight while I’m at work so I can wear it home.

working on some gifties

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I bought some of this yarn last night, but I’m not gonna tell you what I’m making with it!

Oooh, but I can’t wait until the package gets here.  Doesn’t that look just lovely to work with?

Sir Scrapghan the Sixth!

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This one is twin-bed sized, knitted in ribs, with one strand of scrap yarn and one strand of some other yarns I had large amounts of (the green/white/orange/purple sections).  It has been delivered to my brother K, and is living with him at a state park for the summer.  Yay!

S had to stand on the couch and hold the blanket up so we could get the whole thing in the picture.


And I have already collected enough yarn for the next one, which is going to my best friend L.  I got really excited about it, and bought tons of scrap yarn on etsy and from recycle north, plus L sent me some to use.  I think I actually have too much, honestly, because L requested that hers be throw-blanket sized, so it won’t take as much as a bed-sized one.

I am doing something different with this next one, and I hope it will turn out well.  Instead of rolling all the yarn together into one massive scrap ball, I have been sorting it by color.  So now I have six scrap balls: red, green/yellow, pink/orange, purple/brown, blue/gray/black/white, and variegated.  I think I will use the biggest two, the purple and the blue, for L’s throw.

Isn’t that inviting?

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I love scrap yarn.  This image gets me all excited!  So purdy.  I really appreciate other people’s willingness to share their scrap yarn on etsy.  I don’t always feel like I can afford to buy it (I prefer to luck out in thrift shops), but I love to know that it’s there if I want it to feed my addiction.

Coming soon: pictures of my most recent scrap blanket, which will be mailed to my sister.  It’s almost done.

A favorite book from childhood and the handmade yarn inspired by it

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I liked the whole enchanted forest series, but I read this one first and it was definitely my favorite.

And here is my enchanted forest yarn!

I thought it would never stop shedding excess dye–I had to rinse it about a thousand times–but it’s finally dry and in a skein and for sale on etsy!


yarn-mass is almost as good as christmas

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Scraps I got in the mail the other day:

I am working on a fourth scrapghan right now, and I ran out of my own scraps way before I was finished, so I started ordering more on etsy.  I had to ask for the really small scraps (in the alchemy section), but there were plenty of destash listings with larger scraps that I found through searching.  And then I got lots and lots of packages!  It really did feel almost like christmas.

And now my scrapghan is nearly finished.  I started putting the border on earlier this evening.  And then I’ll start collecting scraps again!

color swatch

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I’m posting this for my mom because I know she reads this and she gave me this yarn.  It was some we dyed last easter with leftover egg dye, and she never used her three skeins, so she passed them on to me.  I wanted to see how the colors would play out, because the outside of the skein picked up a lot more dye than the inside.  It looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?  Like a sunrise.  I think I am going to add another of the skeins to this and create a cowl or a scarflette.  I gave the third skein to my sister while she was visiting this past weekend, and she started making it into a granny square.  That’s going to look pretty awesome, too!

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