sequence of events

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1. I had yarn left over from that cotton afghan I finished (see previous post).

2. I left the bag with said yarn in it sitting on the floor in the living room. Lazybones.

3. One of my dogs knocked my cup of coffee off the table and the bag got a little wet.

4. Luckily, the yarn itself didn’t get any coffee on it. I made a little pile of yarn on the table and put the bag into the laundry.

5. I was feeling fidgety, so I picked up the yarn and started winding it.

6. A small pile of assorted skeins became a giant ball.

7. I felt the need to knit something immediately!

8. I am making a lacy cotton shawl, perfect for summer.


(Projected future event: the yarns are all cotton or cotton blends, the colors are two different yellows, a red, and a peach/pink. Once I knit the entire shawl, I could dye it. Blue dye would look good combined with yellow and red and pink. Maybe I will do that.)


If not a pillow with a bug on it, how about a button with a bug on it?

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clicky piccy for linky

Custom orders are fun!

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I am about to start crocheting this yarn into a lovely bright cuddly squid creature.¬† For HandyMaiden.¬† And you’d better click that link and check out her creations, because her work is awesome.

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